Home Inspection Services

Home Inspection is not just for those buying a home. There are really four types of Home Inspections that can be done:

1. Pre-listing Inspection (To be sure you don’t get any surprises after an offer has been made).

2. Pre-Purchase Inspection. This is the most common time to ask for a Home Inspection.

3. New Home Warranty Inspection. Why? A new home has a 1 Year warranty against workmanship defects. Let us make sure that everything in your home is as it should be before that year is up!

4. Home Maintenance Inspection. How many people do you know who put aside money to pay for specific repairs? Usually a major repair comes as a surprise. If you want to be able to plan, then you might want to consider having your home inspected every 7 years or so. That way you can start setting aside a repair fund before it becomes an emergency.

What does a Home Inspection Cover?

Exterior and Garage
Central Heating and Cooling
Electrical System
Major Appliances
Ventilation and Insulation
Wood Boring Insects

Also note … we consider our services to go above and beyond the call. To that end, we also can provide a comprehensive mechanical system review for an additional fee should we suspect a problem with the Central Heating or Cooling system. We truly want to provide peace of mind, and this critical system in your home might deserve that second look! And finally … we provide telephone consultation for any home we have inspected for as long as you own your home Free Of Charge.

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 Other Services

Radon Testing 

Water Quality

Water Quantity

Mold Screening