Customer Care Charlette George Mangio, President & Office Manager

Charlette spent over ten years as a Realtor with one of the largest Real Estate Companies in MA, three of those years were spent as an office manager.  She left real estate sales to become a real estate appraiser for several years.  Charlette is a significant part of the team who started Jigsaw Home Inspections, and is the friendly, knowledgeable person who schedules the Home Inspections and addresses our clients concerns.  In addition to her extensive knowledge in Real Estate and Home Inspections,  Charlette is a Certified Mold Inspector and is able to answer questions relating to not only Home Inspections but with regard to Indoor Air Quality.


Chuck MangioCharles M. Mangio, Home Inspector

 Chuck spent over thirty years in the home construction and remodeling field before entering the Home Inspection field.  He completed his associate training during his first year and was one of the first ten Associate Home Inspectors in MA (License #007).  Chuck completed the requirements for his full License during his second year in the field and became a candidate member of The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).  He has since achieved the designation of ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI).  Chuck has taken the required courses and passed the exams for Certification from the New England Pest Management Association (NEPMA).  He continues to find every Home Inspection assignment to be a learning experience. 

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